Transporting firearms and ammunition

Even before you buy your first firearm you need to know how you will carry it home and where you will keep it. Bear in mind that it is illegal to carry or use a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

All Victorian Licence holders should when travelling interstate, check with that state’s Police Firearms Registry as to licensing and storage requirements.

You are strongly advised to get a padded cover or hard case in which to carry your firearm. This ensures the firearm is protected and stays in good condition. It also makes it less obvious so is less likely to alarm other members of the public.

A hard case with a soft lining will protect your firearm while travelling. A soft padded cover is useful but not as protective.

You must have a particular lawful, proper and sufficient purpose to have firearms with you, so you should have firearms – unloaded – in your vehicle only on the way to or from a hunting trip, shooting range, or for some other genuine reason.

It is vital for community safety and crime reduction to keep your firearms secure at all times. You may lose your firearms licence if you fail to do so.

Car and Public Transport


  • It is advisable that you, make the firearm inoperable e.g. by taking out the bolt.
  • You cannot drive a vehicle on a road with a loaded firearm. This includes the magazine – when in the firearm it must be empty.
  • Even on private property it is dangerous to have a loaded firearm in a vehicle, or to get in or out of the vehicle with a loaded firearm.
  • Be careful when moving your firearm in or out of a vehicle. Treat it as loaded. Do not point it at yourself or at anyone else. Do not pull it towards you by the muzzle and make sure the firearm action is open.
  • Duck shooters should take particular care when using a firearm in a boat.
  • Each year, a significant number of firearms are stolen from motor vehicles and places of temporary accommodation. You should not leave your firearms unattended in a vehicle or at the very least, ensure you take adequate measures to secure your vehicle and avoid leaving any firearms within view when in your vehicle. A good starting point is to ask yourself ‘is there anything more I can do to ensure my firearm(s) cannot be stolen?’

Other forms of transportation (bus, train, aircraft)

On some shooting trips you will need to carry your firearm by public transport.

Similar/in addition to the above-listed precautions relevant to transport by car, always ensure you take precautions when travelling by other forms of transportation such as bus, train or aircraft.

Recent events have demonstrated that transportation of firearms via ‘public transport’ has the potential to arouse fear and alarm amongst other passengers, despite the fact that this was unintended.

Remember to make suitable arrangements when planning your trip, including discussing transport requirements with your travel agent or the carrier.

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