Firearms Safety

Shotgun Training

Range Setting Handbook

The setter on a target range lives for the day everyone thinks every one of his targets was interesting, fun and fair.

FGA’s Range Setting Handbook will be your bible, telling you everything you need to know to set a great range for shooters.

Shotgun Basics 1 - Shot Shell Selection

There are hundreds of shot shell brands and types sold throughout the world.

Enthusiasts can spend many hours studying the finer differences between one shell and another.

Shotgun Basics 2 - Carrying Your Shotgun

Before you receive a firearms license for any category or type of firearm you will be required to undertake an approved safety course.

Carrying a firearm will be an important part of material addressed in that course. However, some tips are useful in that period where you may be looking at or handling someone else’s shotgun or looking at the wonderful offerings at your local gun shop.

At all times remember, a shotgun should always be considered loaded until proven empty and, even then, still handled as if it were loaded…

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