Applying for a new firearm licence

To apply for a new firearm licence, you must submit an application to Victoria Police.
Depending on the type of licence that you wish to apply for, you may be required to complete an online application through the Victoria Police eServices Portal. For more information and to access the eServices Portal, go to:
For further information regarding the application process, including documents you will need to supply with your application,go to:
Information collected by the Licensing and Regulation Division is being collected on behalf of Victoria Police. It will be used in accordance with the provisions of the Firearms Act 1996, Private Security Act 2004, Control of Weapons Act 1990 and Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. You can read our full privacy statement on the Victoria Police eServices Portal.

Purchasing or acquiring a firearm

You must have your firearms licence with you whenever you carry your firearm. Anyone who sells you a firearm (i.e., licensed firearms dealers) will need to see your licence. You will also need a permit to acquire a firearm. All sellers are legally required to see the purchaser’s firearm licence and permit to acquire.

Keep a record of the firearms you have bought or sold because if one should be lost, destroyed or stolen you must immediately inform the Police in writing. Upon providing those details (including any police report), the Police will update your firearms records to reflect the change in firearms status.


Only a firearms licence holder can purchase ammunition for the category of their licence.

Disposing of firearms and ammunition

You can hand in any unwanted firearms and ammunition to Victoria Police (including to a Divisional Firearms Officer) or to a Licensed Firearms Dealer. A list of Divisional Firearms Officers is available on

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